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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Oct-2014ALICE2 Case Study 2 - Bio-pharmaceutical principle: RedCLARA links high efficiency laboratories in Chile and Brazil for the development of human spermicidal-
17-Oct-2014ALICE2 Case Study 3 - Democratising science: A road paved by the Academia in favour of primary education-
17-Oct-2014ALICE2 Case Study 4 - MAPA D2: Artists and researchers from Europe and Latin America get together through RedCLARA to stage telematics shows-
17-Oct-2014ALICE2 Case Study 5 - LAGO: By making use of RedCLARA, Latin American scientists aim to measure the radiation of gamma ray bursts and solar activity-
17-Oct-2014ALICE2 Case Study 6 - OLE2: Timely information that saves lives-
17-Oct-2014ALICE2 Case Study 7 - Telehealth: A road which Latin America is determined to pave-
17-Oct-2014ALICE2 Case Study 8 - Legion: the project that helps to turn free resources into a high computing power-
17-Oct-2014ALICE2 Case Study 9 - Mylims: An outstanding experience for open, free-of-charge and online data management and manipulation of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectres-
17-Oct-2012ALICE2 Caso de estudio 2 AUGER-
17-Oct-2012ALICE2 Caso de estudio 3 Democratizar la ciencia:-
17-Oct-2012ALICE2 Caso de estudio 4 MAPA D2-
17-Oct-2012ALICE2 Caso de estudio 5 LAGO-
17-Oct-2012ALICE2 Caso de estudio 6 OLE2-
17-Oct-2012ALICE2 Caso de estudio 7 Telesalud-
23-Nov-2016Alice2 DO1.1-10: circuit provisioning study and design-
23-Nov-2016Alice2 DO1.6-17: report on trial environment for circuit service testing-
23-Nov-2016Alice2 Project: CLARA-TEC meeting minutes first semester-
23-Nov-2016Alice2 Project: CLARA-TEC meeting minutes second semester-
23-Nov-2016Alice2 Project: deployment and links’ activation plan-
23-Nov-2016Alice2 Project: equipment deployment report-